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Renault Modus - Combined instrument repairs, Satellite navigation unit repairs and Control unit repairs

Combined instrument repairs

Pixel fault in the speedometer display. The combined instrument display is faulty, individual pixels or entire lines and section are missing. The combined instrument display is progressively fading. The display contrast is progressively reducing. It has become hard to read messages. The combined instrument has failed completely. Various faults occur, the lighting flickers or fails.

Faulty control units

Renault Modus ABS control unit

The ABS control unit is faulty. The check lamp lights up. Error messages are output that concern components, such as the wheel sensors although they have already been replaced. The speedometer may also fail. There may also be a failure in the communication between ABS control unit and the diagnostic unit.

Renault Modus Airbag control unit

The airbag control unit is faulty or has failed. The check lamp lights up and there is no communication with the control unit. The saved crash data of the airbag control unit may have to be deleted.

Renault Modus Engine control unit

A host of engine control unit failures cause the vehicle to no longer start or switch off the engine when driving. The vehicle shakes and does not run smoothly, misfiring occurs.

Renault Modus Electrical power steering

Electrical power steering sporadically fails or fails completely.

Repair Examples Renault Modus
Preisliste Renault Modus
Repair supply and prices Euro [*]
Renault Modus Combined instrument
Various failures

Depending on the error

From 129,-
Renault Modus Control units
ABS control unit on request
Airbag control unit (Deleting the saved crash data) 129,-
Airbag control unit From 129,-
Engine control unit on request
Electrical power steering unit 490,-
Equipment testing
At the request of customers , we carry out an equipment check. In case of repair, the examination fee will be waived. From 35,-

Repair form

Processing repairs

In-house processing

You are welcome to bring your vehicle to our workshop in Düren (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). We will take care of removal and installation on-site.[*] Please contact us in advance to discuss repairs on site and arrange an appointment. Repairs of combined instruments and satellite navigation units usually take no longer than between one and two hours. Please query the duration of repairs for control units and other electronic components.

We have provided a customer lounge with a coffee machine, television and magazines. Alternatively you may also use our convenient mail order service for repairs.

Mail order services

Send your parcel with the parcel service of your choice.

Please remember to attach the Repair form.

In most cases, we repair received electronic components on the same day.[**]
We will also return the units on the same day. As a rule, parcels are shipped for between one and two working days.
Payment is conveniently collected on delivery, i.e. you pay the parcel service agent in cash at your front door.

We use UPS as our shipping agent.

Packaging tips

We recommend sending parcels as regular parcels instead of small parcels. Usually small parcels are not insured and longer delivery terms apply. Make sure to pack the unit carefully as it is a sensitive electronics component that is very susceptible to damage. We also recommend using a carton that is larger than the component (5 cm extra space on each side), wrap the component in bubble wrap and fill the remaining space with packaging materials (e.g. polystyrene chips).

We offer repairs of all automotive electronics components with a warranty.Benefit from our cost-effective repair offers!

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to send us an email, call us or make use of our callback service.

We will be delighted to advise you!

Our friendly service advisers support you personally and in a straight-forward fashion. We are proud to fall back on 22 years of experience in automotive electronics to ensure you are in good hands.

Our opening hours

Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (closed for lunch between 1 pm and 2 pm)
On Saturdays by agreement until 2 pm.

We are looking forward to your visit!

* Not applicable to combined instruments and satellite navigation units. See price lists for exceptions! Removal and installation of control units and other electronic components are subject to a charge.
** We cannot guarantee repair durations if they concern exceptional repairs or parts that must be ordered first.
! (Figures serve as examples and may deviate from the original/parts numbers subject to change)